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Charnwood College

Charnwood College broadens the horizons of all students through high academic standards and unrivalled enrichment opportunities. Developing respectful, confident, articulate and motivated students.

Why Study Post 16

We believe that the overwhelming majority of young people will benefit greatly from continuing their education to 18 in Sixth Form.

At Charnwood College we offer a wide range of A-Level and vocational courses that meet the interests and needs of our students.

Underpinning high academic standards, our Sixth Form offers:


To promote self-reliance and autonomy. We provide each Sixth Form student with a laptop to support their studies and encourage them to become self-disciplined and resilient in learning.


To facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence in the Sixth Form. We closely monitor students’ academic progress, setting high aspirations for every student to realise their potential and strive to be successful.


To embrace a sense of community and become active participants both within

the college community and in the world beyond. We encourage students to take on responsibilities such as becoming prefects or house captains. Our priority is to ensure all students have the opportunity to engage in varied activities to strengthen employability and leadership skills.


From interviews with local employers and unique work placements, to sports scholarships and bursaries, we offer unrivalled opportunities and experiences for our students. Our enrichment programme is unlike any other in the state sector.

Pastoral Support

Strong pastoral support is central to our Sixth Form community. Gradually taking responsibility for your own learning is the key to success in the Sixth Form and this is best achieved where students feel supported by those around them.

Alongside a Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form, there are dedicated Year 12 and 13 tutors who focus exclusively on providing the specialist advice needed by older students. Peer support and mentoring is also a key part of life at Charnwood.

Sixth Form Careers Advice and Guidance

For more information regarding Sixth Form Careers Advice and Guidance please visit our Careers Guidance page.

In a recent report, Career Mark noted that:

Without exception, all students in all year groups were very positive about their CEIAG provision. Between the careers team and other staff, Charnwood College provides outstanding provision for students.

Words from our Students

Joel Dungworth - Former Head Boy

My two years as Head Boy have been the two best years of my time at Charnwood College. The role offers you a different position in the school which, though often challenging and sometimes quite daunting, means you take more out of your 6th Form experience. It is interesting and exciting, and opens the door to new experiences which you do not get outside the student leadership.

As you become part of this ‘Student Leadership’ you have an active voice on school councils, both for 6th Form and the rest of the school, speaking on behalf of your peers, and presenting your own ideas to help better the experiences of others at the school. The position you take on these councils is very rewarding as you can see how you can help make the school improve, whilst also keeping yourself engaged in school life. My interactions with the school’s senior leadership has meant I’ve developed stronger ties with these members of staff, so if there was ever an issue or concern amongst the students, there was always a cordial and equitable route to remedying this. By getting to know the members of staff who help to run the school, it also opened my eyes to a different side of education, and has meant you quickly become invested in Mr Heffernan’s golf career, which is probably the hidden highlight of the role.

There are also occasions in which serving as Head Boy requires you to make presentations and perform public speaking. Although sometimes intimidating to be stood in front of 600 students who would probably rather be watching Netflix, it is something you quickly become accustomed to, and it is something I have really enjoyed doing as Head Boy. I have spoken to parents, students, primary school students and helped at open days and with presentations to special guests visiting the school, and the skills and enjoyment taken from these tasks by far outweigh any fear of being heckled. These events have also been great fun and something I shall look back on fondly. As you will usually work in a four or in a pair for these events, you also get to have a laugh with your friends, and any hiccup in proceedings is never anything you can get worked up about.

Whilst being Head Boy, I have not only thoroughly enjoyed the role, but I have also learnt key skills and gained important experiences which will only serve me well in the future. Learning the ability to speak to a room full of strangers, or worse an assembly of your own year, has meant that I am now perfectly happy to stand up and embarrass myself in front of any audience. Meeting visitors to the school and running interview boards has meant my ability to interact with new people in a more formal environment has improved, and this helped prepare me for university interviews and any others in the future. And if you can put a powerpoint together in two hours ready for one hundred zealously critical year 11s, A Levels seem like a breeze really…

I am very proud to say that I was Head Boy of Charnwood College. It is something I shall always remember and always look back on fondly (even if I have lost the badge). I cannot recommend enough that you also apply for the role. For those of you with a love of PowerPoints, special badges and running last minute errands Mr Heffernan probably forgot to do, then apply, because I am sure you will find the role as fun and interesting as I have. But even if you are scared of giving speeches to assemblies - apply anyway. Even if you are concerned about having to meet and talk to guests to the school - apply anyway. Even if you are worried about trying to control a student council of year 8s committed to reforming the tutor time schedule - apply anyway. You will learn to do these things, you will learn to be good at these things and most importantly you will learn to enjoy these things. So take the step, and whether you are successful or not, make sure your time in 6th Form at Charnwood College is a memorable as ours was. Keep it in good hands folks...

Joel Dungworth