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David Ross Education Trust schools create a rich and exciting learning environment that inspires students to become their confident, academic best.

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Charnwood College

Charnwood College broadens the horizons of all students through high academic standards and unrivalled enrichment opportunities. Developing respectful, confident, articulate and motivated students.

Executive Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Charnwood College

Charnwood College is part of the David Ross Education Trust.  As such, we are committed to giving every student attending our academy a world-class education.

Delivering academic excellence, embracing the value of enrichment and investing in community citizenship are at the heart of who we are and what we do.  We must provide our young people with rich opportunities to ensure they become their academic best, are ambitious, aspirational, courageous and respectful in their daily lives.

As adults who work at Charnwood College, we are all responsible for the future success of all the students who have chosen to be educated here.  The learning environment we create and maintain will ensure they lead successful and happy lives.  They will acquire the knowledge they need to progress through the key milestones in our education system and embark on careers of their choosing.  As well as knowledge, we must also educate them with the ‘cultural capital’ that they need to become the future citizens of their communities so that they develop into adults who will champion change in society, guided by a strong sense of discipline and moral purpose.  The culture in which students will be immersed at Charnwood College is therefore determined by the adults who work here.  It is everyone’s responsibility to work consistently to implement the shared culture of the academy.

We look forward to welcoming you to our academy.

Mr Alastair O'Connor
Executive Principal