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David Ross Education Trust schools create a rich and exciting learning environment that inspires students to become their confident, academic best.

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Charnwood College

Charnwood College broadens the horizons of all students through high academic standards and unrivalled enrichment opportunities. Developing respectful, confident, articulate and motivated students.


Enrichment is an important part of daily life at Charnwood College.

We have strong links with the other academies in the David Ross Education Trust, and work closely with partners to provide new experiences for our students.

As a David Ross Education Trust (DRET) academy we believe that enrichment can help to raise academic standards, enhance performance and teach life skills that will equip our students for an ever-changing world.

Secondary enrichment is carefully selected to equip young people with additional experiences and skills that will not only give them a head start in their adult life but also enhance their CVs, applications and interviews in competitive careers and higher education markets.

Our Enrichment Manager is Mrs Rowe.

The Arts

The Arts, creativity and inspiration are at the heart of our curriculum. Our students have access to activities such as opera and ballet performances, musical competitions, artist masterclasses and meetings with leading poets and authors. We work with the Shakespeare School Festival, Opera Holt, The Cube and the Curve Theatre, regularly participating in shows or holding our own such as ‘Through the Forest’ or ‘Mary Poppins’. Every child will have the chance to make their mark through Trustwide art competitions, allowing imaginative students to submit entries across a number of different categories such as art, design, photography and short stories. Our school has enjoyed trips to the National Portrait Gallery, Contemporary Gallery, Nottingham and has attended National Fashion Week. We are also proud recipients of the Artsmark Gold Award.


Music is an important part of Charnwood College. The principles of high-quality music making: listening, adapting, exploring, persevering, problem solving, thinking laterally and performing without fear, are seen in every music lesson. From working alongside acclaimed musicians, to performing at prestigious David Ross Education Trust music events, every student is provided with outstanding platforms to build their confidence and grow their musical talents. The Trust provides incredible pathways for our talented musicians to participate and excel in aspirational music-making. Key partnerships with renowned organisations have provided outstanding opportunities to inspire our students and raise aspirations

What sort of skills does enrichment teach?

  • Determination to succeed
  • Teamwork
  • Winning and losing with grace
  • Respect for others
  • Tolerance
  • Confidence in yourself
  • A sense of fun and enjoyment
  • Creativity
  • Focus and attitude
  • Health benefits

Academies across the Trust are encouraged to work collaboratively to make the most of the opportunities on offer and Charnwood College regularly participates in these activities.

In addition to our own partners, the Trust has partnerships with a number of organisations that work with us to provide opportunities in music, drama, art and other cultural pursuits. These activities and events are designed to enhance academic studies and to provide opportunities that many students may not otherwise have access to.

Some of the partners that we have worked with include the Shakespeare Schools Festival, The Kalisher Trust, the University of Nottingham, the Outward Bound Trust and Lincoln Castle, to name a few.

On a Monday afternoon all students take part in a range of activities for enrichment from Art, book club to table tennis.  For further information please contact our Enrichment Co-ordinator Mrs Rowe.

For further information about the enrichment opportunities that are on offer please contact:


Shane Ward & Alex Green

Jamie Healy

To contact us please call head office:
01509 320148